Weekend away in Canterbury, Kent

Moving down to London for a university is somewhat strange coming from York. If you are from York you go to Newcastle or Sheffield, or just primarily stay in the northern parts of England when it comes to picking universities. However, somehow I ended up in London. A lot of my friends from back home are busy with their courses and we haven’t gotten a chance to visit each other.

Luckily for me, Zaire, a close friend from college is studying at the University of Kent and asked me over to visit. Perhaps stupidly of me, I didn’t realise when I’d hopped on the train at St Pancras, that I was going further south again. Actually, thinking about it, I think this is perhaps the most south place I’ve been to yet.

Arriving in Canterbury was at first quite a shock for me. Not only was I surprised at how quiet it was, but I was also surprised at how acclimatised to London I had become. Canterbury is actually very similar to my hometown of York.

Zaire took me on a trip around the city centre, showcasing the city off in the best way he could. There were beautiful streams, greenery and ancient buildings.


Canterbury city centre

This photo reminds me greatly of the cobbled streets of The Shambles in York. Canterbury definitely made me feel at home.


Beautiful houses near the city centre

I even managed to get on of those ‘tourist photos’. I couldn’t help myself.



It’s a yes from me


The photos speak for themselves. Canterbury is very beautiful. The atmosphere is relaxing and there are many cafes’s and trinket shops to go and visit. For me, it is probably too small to live there for a long time, however, it is definitely a place you should consider visiting. From London, it’s a 56-minute train journey and will cost you around £18 for a return. There really is no excuse not to visit, especially with summer just around the corner.


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