Harrods, Kensington Palace and Covent Garden, London.


Photo: Sarah Jardine

The weather in London today was beautiful. It felt like the first day of spring, and I could not wait to go into the city and explore with Ida.

We literally got onto the Circle line, the doors closed and then we looked at each other. Where are we going? The trip was that spontaneous but it made it soo much better!! We decided on going to Covent Garden, I haven’t been there in over a year so it was great to visit again. I love taking days out to be a tourist in London.

We walked around the market stalls and even eyed-up some very tasty looking strawberries dipped in chocolate. I did not dare look at the price. Covent Garden was lovely as always, and the atmosphere was great when walking around. Everyone was so happy. It is amazing what a little sun can do!


Photo: Sarah Jardine

Then we left and were on our way to Knightsbridge and Harrods. I have visited Harrods once before as a child, and I remembered seeing the Diana memorial and how grand the place was, but it was great to see it again with older eyes. It is mesmerizing in Harrods, every item of clothing, every perfume, is perfect.

Visiting Harrods definitely gave me new motivation to work hard at university, I’ll tell you that.


Photo: Sarah Jardine

Later, we arrived at Kensington Gardens. We sat on the hill and finally ate some food. There was such a nice vibe in the area, everyone was picnicking or relaxing while the sun was beaming down. If you visit London you have to take time out to visit some of these places.

It was such a lovely day, and you can even watch it here on my youtube channel!


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