With a General Election looming, What is the best way forward for Labour?

So just when we thought the UK had its fair share of uncertainty after Brexit, there was a bigger wave on the horizon.

There will be a General Election on June 8th. Theresa May claims she reluctantly came to the decision, but this is definitely something that she would not have proposed if she did not think she would win and get a higher number of MPs. Opinion polls do show the Conservatives some way ahead of Labour, but is all lost? Does Labour have a chance to fight against a hard Brexit and gain some remain voters?

Labour has to be extremely careful in the way they pitch themselves as a party in these next few weeks. May and her government are great at grabbing the public’s attention with classic phrases like ‘helping ordinary working people’ and making people feel inclusive of the party. What does ordinary working people even mean anyhow? Labour needs to be clear, and give out the parties message in a way people can understand.

Labour needs to focus on its key policies, what it can do for the NHS and stop the privatisation of the health service and other sectors. Jeremy Corbyn needs to give clear facts. The parties recent introduction of the free school meals policy will definitely sway some voters and it is an example of concrete ideas and plans that the labour party would put in place.

Again, another issue is Brexit. Labour needs to give its standpoint on Brexit. Would they vote against Brexit? Would the stay part of the single market? Would it be a softer Brexit than Theresa May’s? The public have questions and if they are left with no answers, it’s inevitable that the public will vote with what they know. If Labour does not address this properly, they will lose MP’s to the Liberal Democrats no question. The Lib Dems are not afraid to express their discontent at Brexit, and they would even go as far as to stop it happening. How that is possible after the triggering of Article 50 I do not know.

If Labour is to have a chance at winning this coming election they need to take Brexit into account and offer to the public their chosen path as we leave the EU.

As Jeremy Corbyn said himself in a conference speech today, back in 2015 he was at 200/1 odds to win the Labour leadership contest and look at where he is now.


From the past 12 months, we have had shocks not only in the UK with Brexit but also in America with the surprise election of Trump, you could argue that anything is possible.

Header photo: Garry Knight Creative Commons, no license   


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